**Alert **

For the 2019-2020 School year, the school day will begin at 8:20 AM and end at 2:40 PM


Public School 254 Queens, nestled in Richmond Hill, opened its doors in September of 2004.  Opening day was lively, exciting and engaging.  Our staff eagerly greeted parents, guardians, grandparents, babysitters, older siblings, local businesses, politicians and children from many different countries and continents.  Teachers ushered students into shiny new classrooms to start their first day of school in a new glistening building that bustled with enthusiasm.

Prior to opening day, we canvassed the neighborhood for several days in August of 2004, knocking on doors, greeting families, giving out flyers, inviting families with elementary age-children to attend Kindergarten through second grade.  We invited families to come and bring their children to join us on our educational expedition into learning and teaching.  They listened, nodded, smiled, spoke to us and agreed to come to our school and to tell their neighbors about us too.

Over the years, we have developed a program that creates leaders and values the arts.  Our students grow with us and develop strong leadership skills.  They are able to explore their talents and individual learning styles through visual arts, music, and theater.  We have a student council, many student led committees and strong roots in philanthropy.

P.S. 254 Queens is dedicated to the establishment and maintenance of a learning environment that maximizes academic achievement, as well as emotional and social development.  This nurturing educational environment will enable all students to learn and enhance their unique talents and individual attributes. Parental involvement and community-based partnerships will enhance P.S. 254’s ability to develop students who are leaders, problem solvers, critical and independent thinkers, and productive citizens who are able to meet the challenges of the 21st century.